Thursday, November 22, 2012

Self-Disclosure ("Johari Window")
In relation to blogging

In Mark's Jan 5th post, from The Bagman and Butler Chronicles, he talked about the seeming norm of only giving and receiving pleasant, encouraging comments in the blogosphere.  He and others mentionned how they occasionally craved some constructive criticism or feedback. 

Others commented that they prefer things remain as they are, because they receive enough criticism in every day life.  This discussion brought to mind the psychological model known as the 'johari window" also known as the "Feedback/Self-Disclosure Matrix". 

The concept is that we all have basically 4 quadrants of self at play all the time in every relationship and three of these quadrants change according to who we are relating with and how we are relating.  There is much to learn from this model, but we'll stick to the basics here in applying it to our relating as bloggers. 

As bloggers there are areas of the self that we choose to open to our followers.  There are other areas about our self that we choose to keep hidden.  As we post, there are things about ourselves that we are blind to, that can become evident to our readers.  (You may be itching right now to tell me something you have noticed that I am persistently blind to!) 

You may have noticed that those who keep much hidden, may not have as many followers as those who have revealed more about themselves, or brought more of them self out into the open on their blog.  You may also have noticed that you have learned things about yourself through blogging that you might previously have been blind to. 

The crux of the johari window is about these fluctuating windows of our personality - about how to open them or close them and how to develop more meaningful and enduring relationships.  There is no one way to be.  Some of us desire more privacy and have every right to keep as much hidden as we choose.  Others are naturally more open and less private.  You may have encountered some blogs where more is revealed (brought into the open) than you ever wanted to know. 

The reason or the motivating factors that bring you to blogging will determine the size of your open, hidden and blind quadrants.  And these quadrants will vary in size in your relationships with different bloggers and will probably mirror the way you relate in the 'real' world.  The four quadrants are an invented representation of you as you navigate a relationship.

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